About SEEPX Energy

SEEPX Energy is an impartial source for power sector intelligence covering Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia.

SEEPX Energy Limited, formerly DVW Group Limited, is a UK registered company. In 2005, Energy experts with longstanding power sector experience in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan set up DVW Group. The company was originally intended to be a power trader and advisor in emerging markets with a particular focus on Russia, Balkans, and Pakistan. But as these power sectors developed, albeit at different paces, DVW Group narrowed its services to power market consultancy in the Russian power market.

In 2010, DVW Group Limited was restructured to form SEEPX Energy Limited. This transition was part of a product refinement process, in addition to evolving SEEPX’s services to incorporate Ukraine and Central Asia.

Our longstanding position in the power sector has enabled us to build the most intimate understanding of the energy market’s behaviour and sector practices. Our relationship with regulators and energy players adds depth to our research and ensures our work remains highly practical and relevant. We form the basis of our research from multiple sources and ongoing fieldwork. We also take pride in owning our database and producing all our detailed maps, charts, and outlooks in-house.
Our clients are Russian and Western companies, typically power utilities, large consumers, oil majSEEPX in focusors, and financial institutions.

Our mission is to pursue clarity and sharpness in every piece of work we produce. To find out more about the scope of our services click “services”.